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picto-fiche.png PROVIDE THE SOLUTION

DOWESTON’s solutions are the product of a wealth of product knowledge and sophisticated technology. Our experienced engineers have solved thousands of application problems in different regions. We have an understanding of our products and in various fields With years of accumulated experience, we analyze the problems you face and provide solutions tailored to your application while controlling costs.

picto-fiche.png TRAINING

If you want to have a thorough understanding of our products, we will arrange Doweston series product training sessions or hold product demonstrations on site within 4 weeks of your application. In our office, you will see most of our series product prototype products, communicate with our engineers to understand every detail. We can also simulate your use environment in our office, let you see how our products work in your use environment.

picto-fiche.png CUSTOM MADE

For special requirements of products such as material, probe length, pressure level, etc., we will provide customization.


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picto-fiche.png WARRANTY

12 months from the date of product shipment.

1. The installation and use of the factory products do not meet the guidelines of the national regulations and the Dowston technical documents.

2. Human factors and irresistible factors.

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E-mail: sales@doweston.com

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