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Privacy Statement

DOWESTON INC. (Hereinafter referred to as "DOWESTON") Declares its promise to protect the privacy of visitors in accordance with this privacy policy.

The following text discloses Dowston's collection and use of user information. As the service scope of this website expands, the privacy terms of this site will continue to improve, and we will update our privacy terms at any time. You are welcomed to check these terms at any time, and minors should be reviewed by legal guardians.

1. Doweston attaches great importance to the privacy of users of the company's websites, products and services, and makes all commercially reasonable efforts to protect these privacy. This privacy policy relates to personal information that may be collected at any time during your interaction with Dowston (for example, when you visit our website, use or purchase our products or services, or communicate with Dowston employees) Collect, use and disclose.

2. User name and password: When you register as a Dowston user, you will have a user name and password. At the same time, we will ask you to provide a password prompt question and its answer so that you can retrieve it after you lose your password. You can only use your account with your password. If you have leaked your password, you may have lost your personally identifiable information, and may lead to unpredictable consequences that are bad for you. Therefore, no matter what reason your password security is endangered, you should immediately recover the password through password protection.

3. Registration information: When you register as a Dowston user, we will ask you to fill out a registration form. The registration form requires basic information such as your username and secure email. You also have the right to choose to fill in additional information, which may include some of your private information. We use registration information to obtain member statistics, and we will use these statistics to classify or match our members in order to provide new services and opportunities to our members in a more targeted manner.

4. Generally speaking, Dowston may need to use the user's information resources for the following reasons:

(1) Comply with relevant laws and regulations, including providing information content posted by users on Dowston ’s webpage and its publication time, Internet address or other information when inquired by relevant state agencies.

(2) Protect Dowston's intellectual property rights and users' rights or property.

(3) In an emergency, to protect the personal or public safety of Dowston and its users.

5. Doweston may automatically receive and record information on your browser and computer, including your IP address, information in cookies, information on hardware and software features, and web page records of your needs.

6. Cookies are a small amount of data. If you do not refuse to accept cookies, the cookies will be sent to your browser and stored on your computer's hard drive. We use cookies to store data about your visit to our website. When you visit our website again, we can recognize your identity and provide you with better and more services by analyzing the data.

You have the right to accept or reject cookies. You can refuse to accept cookies by modifying the settings of your browser, but we need to remind you that because you refuse to accept cookies, you may not be able to use some features of our website that depend on cookies.

7. We will not provide, sell, rent, share and trade users' personal information to any unrelated third party, but for your convenience to use the services of Dowston and Dowston related cooperative companies or other organizations (hereinafter referred to as other Services), you agree and authorize Dowston to pass your personal information to Dowston partners or other organizations that also receive other services, or from Dowston partners or other organizations that provide you with other services. Organize your personal information.

8. External links: Dowston products and services contain links to other websites. Dowston is not responsible for the privacy protection measures of these websites.

9. Security: Our website has corresponding security measures to ensure that the information we hold is not lost, misused or altered. These security measures include but are not limited to website and server security measures, as well as backup of user data and encryption of user passwords. Although we have these security measures, please note that there are no "absolutely perfect security measures" on the Internet.

10. Modify your information: You can modify or update your personal information and password after successfully logging into Dowston products or services.

11. Contact us: If you have any comments and suggestions on this privacy statement or Dawston's privacy protection measures and your problems in use, please follow the contact provided by Dawston's official website (www.doweston.com)  to contact us.

Add privacy protection content about online payment, such as credit card, payment platform account, etc. That is, other information such as the account name, credit card information, etc. of the user's online payment may be collected but be protected. Dawston and Dawston employees will not request user's payment account information and password for any reason, etc.

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