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Doweston 2020 Recruitment Program is starting, please search and submit resume through official channels! Welcome to Doweston!

Our team is expanding and you are welcomed to work at Doweston

As an excellent supplier of industrial process instruments, we design products that monitor, measure and regulate physical quantities such as flow, pressure, liquid level and temperature. Based on its superior quality and reliability, our products can be widely used in various industries.

Our success and expansion depend on the quality and experience of our loyal employees. We pay attention to the continuous update of products, which is also the guarantee of our continued success.

"Nothing is more attractive than getting our ideas recognized and put into action, because in the end, we all want to make a difference and make an impact on the world we live in."

One thing is for sure: if you give them a chance to show it, you can see someone's ability. That's why from the first day, we'll give you the range you need for passion, creativity and courage to try new things. You will be assigned important tasks and you will always find that we are willing to listen to your suggestions. Learn more about our work environment, culture and values, and focus on employee stories.

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Professionalism creates excellence!

Please pay attention to Dowston, we will release new posts from time to time, you can submit your resume through our official recruitment channel.

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