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DOWESTON® is a premium instrumentation and sensor brand serving customers worldwide. DOWESTON® is dedicated to bringing users a reliable, easy-to-use, efficient and advanced inspection and measurement experience.Here you will find all contact options at a glance:
North America
617 CEPI DRIVE, CHESTERFIELD, Missouri, 63005,United States
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Availabe languages website
No.12, Huaxing Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, China
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DOWESTON offers you customized measurement solutions,DOWESTON offers you customized measurement solutions
--Serving the world across industries
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Doweston is a leading provider of customized measurement solutions for various industries worldwide. With a strong focus on innovation and perseverance, we are dedicated to constantly pursuing change and investing in new ideas. Our commitment to exceptional service quality sets us apart, providing precise and reliable measurement solutions for every customer.


Our extensive product line includes flow meters, pressure sensors, liquid level measurement sensors, temperature measurement sensors, water analysis sensors, and other types of process instruments, auxiliary components, and high-precision automation systems. These products have broad applications across industries such as machinery and equipment, chemicals, metallurgy, energy conservation and environmental protection, water treatment, and others.

At Doweston, we understand the importance of globalization and localization, and we are enthusiastic about serving customers in every region. We advocate the convergence of globalization and intelligent manufacturing, and we are proud to serve customers in China with this concept. Our team of passionate innovators works toward a common goal and can complement each other to build great teams. We believe that even a simple idea can have a huge impact, and with our help, you can achieve shine and turn the impossible into the possible.


We offer an attractive benefits package, including a competitive salary, bonus, equity incentives, health care benefits, paid annual leave, and many other benefits such as social insurance, housing fund, and travel. Whether you are a graduate or a professional talent, we welcome you to join us and take your career to the next level, working with exceptional people in the field of automation in challenging jobs. Together, we can work in the field of automation to benefit our users worldwide.

We continue to progress
A good core that brings common progress
Before we declare something suitable, we take the time to really understand your needs and requirements.

A good core brings common progress. Delivering high-quality products is our mission.

DOWESTON is committed to being a leading global provider of automation measurement solutions, creating value for customers' success. We continuously innovate and progress to better serve our customers and meet market demands. Our core value lies in pursuing excellent service quality, providing precise and reliable measurement solutions for every customer, and becoming a reliable partner for customers to solve problems in the field of automation.

We understand your needs before we declare suitability!

DOWESTON's engineers and sales team receive comprehensive and professional product training and are actively involved in the field, accumulating a wealth of application experience. They not only provide reliable solutions to your problems but also deliver new technologies and information at the forefront of the industry.

To provide a solution that is suitable for you and your customers, it is essential to consider local conditions and listen to the voices of designers, engineers, and maintenance personnel.

These qualities provide you with access to the industry's highest level of expertise in consultation, sales service, and on-site technical support. Our solutions are cost-effective, innovative, and designed to help you achieve your goals quickly, economically, and accurately.

DOWESTON provides a variety of process instruments, auxiliary components, and high-precision automation systems, such as flow meters, pressure sensors, liquid level measurement sensors, temperature measurement sensors, and water quality analysis sensors, which are widely used in industries such as machinery and equipment, chemical industry, and more. We are committed to improving product quality, optimizing customer experience, and meeting customer needs and expectations. Our professional team actively participates in applications and conveys the latest industry technology and information. We believe that cooperation and mutual benefit lead to mutual growth. We provide expert advice, cost savings, innovative, fast, economical, and accurate help to customers to improve production efficiency and reduce costs. We continue to innovate and improve service quality, striving to provide customers with the best products and services.

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Tel :+1 (314) 325-4420
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