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FTC-1600M series Micro liquid gear flowmeter
FTC-1600M series Micro liquid gear flowmeter
FTC-1600M series Micro liquid gear flowmeter
FTC-1600M series Micro liquid gear flowmeter

FTC-1600M Series

Digital display type Micro liquid gear flowmeter
The standard small flow rate of the micro flowmeter is 0.5ml/min, but the small flow rate varies with different media.
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Performance Features
The standard small flow rate of the micro flowmeter is 0.5ml/min, but the small flow rate varies with different media.

FTC-1600M series micro liquid flowmeter is specially used for high quality, high precision, high frequency, high temperature,
high pressure, wide range flowmeter development and production, while supporting the production of gear pump and vacuum measurement,
micro liquid quality control, micro gas quality control and other industry automation control instrument.

Performance characteristics:
■The larger the viscosity of the medium, the smaller the leakage from the gear and measuring space clearance, so the larger the viscosity of the measured medium, the smaller the leakage error, the more favorable the measurement.
■Small volume, light weight, low vibration and noise during operation, can measure high viscosity fluid. The measuring accuracy is 0.5 and 0.2. Wide measuring range up to 100:1
■There are general type, high pressure type, food type, etc., suitable for micro flow measurement of all kinds of clean liquid.
■No straight pipe section required.
■Suitable for pulsating fluid measurement.
■It can be used for micro - short - time quantitative addition


Application field:
Measurable include water, oil, food, lubricants, chemicals, cosmetics, fertilizers, inks, pharmaceuticals, coatings, petroleum, automotive, glues, polyurethanes, electrolytes and additives and other industries.



① Gear cavity plate gear cavity plate

② Gear gear

③ Cover plate

④ Fixed thread

⑤ Hersman joint

The flow meter cavity has a pair of meshing gears as a rotor, the two gears and the cavity respectively constitute a fixed volume, known as the standard volume. Gear flow is measured by calculating the number of flow through the standard volume in a certain time. Spur gear flowmeter is a new type of positive displacement flowmeter, also called Fuda flowmeter, used for precision continuous or intermittent measurement of liquid flow or instantaneous flow in the pipeline, suitable for heavy oil, polyvinyl alcohol, resin and other high viscosity media flow measurement.

Technical parameters


Medium Suitable for liquid, weak corrosive chemical media such as: water; Oil; Glue; Polyurethane vinegar, etc
Accuracy Standard accuracy +/-0.5% and high viscosity accuracy up to 0.2%
Pressure Standard bearing pressure 32Bar,Accept high pressure customization, high pressure up to 1000Bar
Temperature Standard temperature range -30~80°C,Stainless steel series maximum temperature 200°C
Output Hall & dry tube pulse output
Power supply 4 to 26VDC power supply
Stainless steel series material Shell :SS316L Gear :SS316L Bearing :SS316L
Medium Suitable for weakly corrosive liquids; For example: water; ammonia
Aluminum alloy series material Housing: anodized alumina gear: anodized alumina bearing :SS316L
Medium Non-corrosive liquid; For example: gasoline; Aviation kerosene


Flow range:

Model Connection size Pulse coefficient
0.5~150ML/MIN G1/8" internal thread 0.06ML/P
3~300ML/MIN G1/8" internal thread 0.14ML/P
5~1000ML/MIN G1/8" internal thread 0.36ML/P
0.5~100L/H G1/4"internal thread 1ML/P
6~600L/H G1/4"internal thread 5ML/P
0.3~30L/MIN G1/2"internal thread 17.50ML/P
0.5~100L/MIN G1 internal thread 45ML/P


Product information:

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