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LTF-100S series standard magnetic flap level gauge
LTF-100S series standard magnetic flap level gauge
LTF-100S series standard magnetic flap level gauge
LTF-100S series standard magnetic flap level gauge

LTF-100S series

Standard magnetic flap level gauge
LTF-100S series standard type magnetic flap level gauge is installed on the extension tube of the measuring barrel tank. The liquid level inside the barrel tank can be clearly known by the magnetic flap indicator. This series of level gauges do not need any external power supply, can achieve high sealing, leak proof and suitable for high temperature, high pressure, corrosion resistant occasions. It makes up for the glass plate (tube) liquid level indicator poor clarity, easy to break and other defects, and the whole process of measurement without blind area, clear display, large measurement range.
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Performance Features
Working principle:
LTF-100S series standard magnetic flap level meter (also known as magnetic float level meter) is developed according to the principle of buoyancy and magnetic coupling. When the liquid level in the measured container rises and falls, the magnetic float in the liquid level gauge body tube also rises and falls. The magnetic steel in the float is transferred to the magnetic tilting column indicator through magnetic coupling, which drives the red and white tilting columns to turn over 180°. When the liquid level rises, the tilting column changes from white to red, and when the liquid level drops, the tilting column changes from red to white. The red and white junction of the indicator is the actual height of the liquid level inside the container, so as to achieve a clear indication of the liquid level.

Application field:
LTF-100S series standard type magnetic flameter liquid level meter is widely used for liquid level measurement of wastewater treatment, power plant, chemical equipment, thermal coal boiler, and other industrial dense ≥0.65g/cm³

■ Can be equipped with liquid level transmitter and magnetic switch, can be installed or adjusted at any time without stopping.
■ Plastic shell magnetic switch can resist acid and alkali, protection class is IP67, small size can be adjusted at any time control position.
■ New bottom flange connection - no liquid residue, suitable for the industry with frequent changes. The bottom can be directly emptied of liquid, without mixing and pollution.
■ Can be installed at the bottom of the unit (bucket slot without base), without the need to raise the unit as traditional indicators.
■ The upper and lower end of the spring buffer design, to prevent the installation and transportation of floating ball damage.
■ Excellent float welding process - laser welding
■ Unique drawing hole is not easy to produce burring, float ball will not wear, construction method is not easy to leak.
■ Modular indicator, color red, green, white for customers to specify another ceramic material, high temperature resistance and will not fade, can be used according to customer demand fluorescence, increase the recognition effect.

Technical parameters
Applicable medium Can be applied to water, weak acid, weak base, salt solution and other impurities free liquid
Applicable density 0.65-2.0g/cm³
Measuring range 300-6000mm
Accuracy ±10mm
Resolution ±1mm
Repeatability ≤±0.2FS/year
Operating temperature -20-120℃ (standard type) -20-450 (high temperature type)
Operating pressure 0.5-2.5MPa, 1.0-5.0MPa, 2.5-6.0MPa (above 300℃), 2.5-10MPa (below 300℃)
Output Switch output, relay output 1-4 switch points optional
4-20mA,+Hart protocol
Overload pressure 150%FS
Burst pressure 200%FS
Ambient temperature


Liquid contact material Stainless 304、316L、Ti、PP、PVDF、PTFE、PPR
Flap indicator

Frame material:SUS304

Color material: engineering plastic, ceramic
Color: Red/white, green/white
Transparent cover material: engineering plastic, glass
Protection class IP65 (Optional IP68)
Electrical connection Halsman connector, junction box
Electrical protection Overload/reverse protection
Installation mode Side installation, bottom in and out, bottom in and out, side in and out, top installation
Connection mode Sanitary chuck, flange connection, threaded installation, welded pipe connection
Attachment Blowdown valve, heat preservation, heat insulation jacket, dustproof plug head

It depends on the range

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