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LRT-G1620 series standard radar level gauge
LRT-G1620 series standard radar level gauge
LRT-G1620 series standard radar level gauge
LRT-G1620 series standard radar level gauge
LRT-G1620 series standard radar level gauge
LRT-G1620 series standard radar level gauge

LRT-G1620 series

Standard radar level gauge
LRT-G1620 standard radar liquid level gauge is a kind of measurement of liquid level based on the principle of the time difference between the generation and reception of radar waves. It has non-contact, high precision, wide measuring conditions, is not affected by pressure, and can meet most measurement requirements. Suitable for open air, closed liquid level measurement, product belt display, optional explosion-proof, 30 meters range can be set.
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Performance Features
Performance characteristics:
LRT-G1620 standard radar level gauge series sensor is 26G high frequency radar level measuring instrument, measuring distance up to 15 meters. The antenna has been further optimized, and a new, fast microprocessor enables higher rate signal analysis and processing, allowing the meter to be used to measure a variety of highly corrosive liquids.


Liquid (substance) level measurement in most working conditions

Measuring range: 15, 30 meters

Process connection: thread, flange

Process temperature: -40 ~ 130℃(standard type) / -40 ~ 250℃(high temperature type)

Process pressure: -0.1 ~ 4.0MPa

Accuracy: ±3mm

Protection level: IP67

Frequency range: 26GHz

Power supply: two-wire system (DC24V)/ four-wire system (DC24V/AC220V)

Explosion-proof grade: Exia ⅡC T6 Ga/Exd IIC T6 Gb

Case: Aluminum single cavity/aluminum double cavity/plastic/stainless steel single cavity

Signal output: 4... 20mA/HART(two-wire/four-wire)/RS485 Mod bus


Product characteristic:

● Small antenna size, easy to install; Non - contact radar, no wear, no pollution.

Almost free from corrosion and foam; Almost unaffected by changes in water vapour, temperature and pressure in the atmosphere.

● Severe dust environment has little influence on the work of high frequency level meter.

● Shorter wavelength, better reflection on tilted solid surfaces.

Small beam Angle, concentrated energy, enhance the ability of echo and avoid interference at the same time.

● Measurement blind area is smaller, for small pot measurement will also achieve good results.

● High signal-to-noise ratio, even in the case of fluctuation can get better performance.

● High frequency, is a great product for measuring solid and low dielectric constant media.

Technical parameters
Process connection Thread G1½ "A/thread 1½" NPT/flange
Antenna profile Stainless Steel/PTFE
Outer shell Seal between housing and housing cover Silicone rubber
Enclosure window polycarbonate
Ground terminal Stainless steel
Supply voltage Two-wire Standard (16~26) V DC
Intrinsic safety type (21. 6~26. 4) V DC
Power consumption max 22. 5mA / 1W
Allowable ripple  
Flameproof type -<100Hz Uss < lV
- (100~100K) Hz Uss < l0mV
(22. 8~26. 4) V DC Two-wires
(198~242) V AC Four wires  /  110V AC  Four wires
Cable parameters Cable inlet/plug 1 M20 x 1.5 Cable inlet
1 blind block M20 x 1.5
Wiring terminal The cross section of the wire is 2.5mm²
Output parameter Output signal (4~2 0) mA
Communication protocol HART
Resolution  1. 6μA
Fault signal Constant current output 
20. 5mA
Integration time (0~36)s,adjustable
Blind area Antenna end
Microwave frequency 26GHz
Communication port HART communication protocol
Measurement interval About 1 second (depending on parameter Settings)
Adjust time  About 1 second (depending on parameter Settings)
Display resolution 1mm
Working storage and transport temperature (-40~100) ℃
Relative humidity ˂ 95%
Pressure Max. 4MPa
Shock resistance Mechanical vibration l0m/s², (10 ~ 150)Hz
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