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TA-100A series compact temperature transmitter
TA-100A series compact temperature transmitter
TA-100A series compact temperature transmitter
TA-100A series compact temperature transmitter

TA-100A Series

Compact temperature transmitter
TA-100A compact temperature transmitter contains a thermal resistance temperature probe, the probe resistance value will change with the temperature, in the transmitter part of the circuit converts it into a linear analog output. It has the advantages of high precision, wide measuring range, imported film resistance components, reliable and stable performance, suitable for the electrical industry, heat medium boiler, cooling system and other industrial automation control of the vast majority of the low temperature area temperature measurement, very convenient to use.
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Performance Features

The principle of the product:
TA-100A compact temperature transmitter is composed of reference unit, R/V conversion unit, linear circuit, reverse protection, current limiting protection, V/I conversion unit, etc. After the amplification of the thermal resistance signal, the nonlinear relationship between temperature and resistance is compensated by a linear circuit. After the V/I conversion circuit, a constant current signal of 4 ~ 20mA with a linear relationship with the measured temperature is output. Thermal resistance transmitter is a kind of temperature detector commonly used in middle and low temperature region.

Application field:
TA-100A compact temperature transmitter is suitable for water treatment control equipment, electrical industry, Marine hydraulic equipment, hydraulic and hydropower, chemical, petrochemical industry equipment and thermal coal boiler, pneumatic, hydraulic, cooling system, heating system, automation engineering, etc. The product is suitable for medium and low temperature area temperature detector.


■ Simple wide installation, multi-range optional, a variety of specifications of the probe optional

■ Soft sheathed cable with anti-vibration measuring plug-in

■ Protective tube diameter (from 3.0mm)

■ Application specific insert length

■ Compact structure, few moving parts, all stainless steel shell

■ Good mechanical properties, vibration resistance, impact resistance

■ Small volume, no air gap inside

■ Small measurement lag in thermal inertia

■ Long service life

Technical parameters
Sensor Standard PT100 Thermal resistor (other optional)
Measure range -50-0℃、-20-100℃、0-50℃、0-150℃、0-200℃
Probe length 20-1000mm
Probe diameter 3、6(standard)、8mm
Output 0-10V、4-20mA、HART
Accuracy A class、B class
Repetition accuracy ≤0.3%FS/year 
Error ±0.3K+0.005XT
Linearity <0.1%
Resolution 0.1K
Temperature effect 0.1K/10K
Response time T50,2.3S  T90,5S
Display Optional display table,field 4 LED with indicator light
Operating voltage 24V DC
Ambient temperature -20-80℃ 
Working pressure 4.0MPa
Material Halsman joints: Engineering plastics
Probe: Stainless Steel 316L (special casing can be customized)
Body:Stainless Steel 304/316L
Compensating cable Silica gel: environment -50~180℃
Metal mesh: environment -20~350℃
Protection class Electrical part IP65
Electrical connection Halsman connector, aviation plug
Electrical protection Reverse protection, overload protection, short circuit protection
Installation mode Threaded connection, flange connection
Seal Thread seal, manufacturer's standard
Attachment Optional fireproof sleeve


IEC International standard
Thermal resistance type Electrode material Temperature range
PT10 Platinum resistance -200~850℃
PT100 Platinum resistance -200~850℃
PT1000 Platinum resistance -200~850℃
Cu50 Copper resistance -50~150℃
Cu100 Copper resistance -50~150℃
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