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Fte-1600h Series
Fte-1600h Series
Fte-1600h Series
Fte-1600h Series

FTE-1600H Series

High Voltage Electromagnetic Flowmeter
FTE-1600H high-voltage electromagnetic flowmeter is made up of high-voltage electromagnetic flow sensor and high-voltage electromagnetic flow converter, it is specially used for measuring the volume flow rate of conductive liquid or liquid-solid two-phase medium, such as water solution, mud, cement slurry, high-pressure water injection, under high-pressure conditions. It can bear 40 mpa, has no blocking moving parts in the pipe, and has almost no pressure loss, the requirement of straight pipe section is lower.
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Performance Features
The FTE-1600H high voltage electromagnetic flowmeter is an instrument that measures the volume flow of an electrically conductive liquid based on the principle of Faraday's law of induction. It is the product of a combination of fluid mechanics and electromagnetism. We have updated the FTE-1600H high voltage electromagnetic flowmeter. Whether in materials and assembly methods, or in the internal structure, have made a new breakthrough, magnetic field distribution better rationalized structure. At the same time, the zinc spraying process is introduced, which can protect the surface of electromagnetic flowmeter for a long time even in harsh environment.
Corrosion-resistant stainless steel material, ABS full mold production probe, simple structure.
Solid non-moving parts, long service life, reliable measurement, strong anti-interference ability.
Nominal pressure: 6.3,10,16,25,32,40 mpa.
Electrode materials: stainless steel containing MO, Harrington Alloy B, Harrington Alloy C, titanium.
Not only can be used for general process detection, but also applicable to pulp, pulp and paste liquid measurement.
The adoption of SMD devices and surface mount (SMT) technology, circuit reliability is high;
At the scene, the measuring range can be modified on line according to the actual needs of the users, so as to better match with the acquisition terminal;
Digital communication signal outputs (optional) including RS485, RS232, Hart and Modbus, Profibus-DP;
With self-examination and self-diagnosis self-diagnosis and alarm function;
Ultra-low EMI switching power supply, suitable for wide range of power supply voltage changes, anti-EMI performance.
FTE-1600H high-voltage electromagnetic flowmeter is used to measure the flow of conductive fluids in the energy, iron and steel, petroleum, chemical, electric power, industry, water conservancy and other sectors of mines, corrosive conductive liquids such as acids, alkalis and salts can also be measured.
Technical parameters
Implementation Standards   Electromagnetic flowmeter (JB/T 9248-2015)
Suitable medium Acid, alkali, seawater and other strong corrosive or containing impurities conductive liquid, solid-liquid two-phase
Nominal pipe diameter DN10-100
Measuring range 0.25-10m/s
Direction of flow   Positive, negative, net flow
Range ratio   150:1
Repeatability error   ± 0.1% of the measured value
Accuracy Level    0.5,1.0
Medium temperature 0-80℃
Job Stress 4.0-40MPa (depending on pipe diameter)
Electrode material Stainless steel with molybdenum, Harrington Alloy B, Harrington Alloy C, titanium
Uchimura material F46, polyurethane, screen PFE
Velocity Range   0.1-15m/s
Signal output   4-20mA (load resistance 0-750ω) , pulse/frequency
Communication output   RS485, Modbus protocol, GPRS output
Power Supply   220VAC, tolerance 15% or 24VDC, ripple ≤5%
Straight pipe section length is required   Upstream ≥5 dn, downstream ≥3 dn, installation conditions affect the requirements of straight pipe section
Connection mode   Flanged connection is adopted between flowmeter and piping. Flanged connection conforms to international standard: GB/T9119 -2000
Protection level   IP67, special order up to IP68
Ambient temperature   -25~+60℃
Relative humidity   5%~95%
Explosion-proof signs Explosion-proof ExdIICT6
Consumption of total power   Less than 15W
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