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FTW-1600M series micro gas mass flowmeter
FTW-1600M series micro gas mass flowmeter
FTW-1600M series micro gas mass flowmeter
FTW-1600M series micro gas mass flowmeter
FTW-1600M series micro gas mass flowmeter
FTW-1600M series micro gas mass flowmeter

FTW-1600M Series

Micro gas mass flowmeter
It is designed for the flow measurement of low speed air flow in DN1-8mm gas pipeline. FTW-1600M micro-gas mass flowmeter is used to measure the mass flow of gas (without temperature and pressure compensation) based on the principle of capillary heat transfer and temperature difference calorimetry. It is designed for the flow measurement of low-speed air flow in DN1-8mm micro-gas pipeline. It has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, good repeatability, fast response, soft starting, stable and reliable, easy installation, etc. Tube moving parts, pressure loss is minimal, the product with display (optional), with control valve (optional), easy observation.
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Performance Features
FTW-1600M micro-gas mass flowmeter measures the gas mass flow rate based on the principle of capillary heat transfer temperature difference calorimetry (without temperature and pressure compensation). The flow signal measured by the sensor heating bridge is sent to the amplifier for amplification. The amplified flow detection voltage is compared with the set voltage, and then the difference signal is amplified to control the regulating valve. The flow through the channel is controlled in a closed loop to equal the set value, and the shunt determines the flow through the main channel.

■ Laboratory and process instrumentation

■ Pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical equipment

■ Air quality monitoring system

■ Furnace and paint


■ Fast, repeatable and reliable performance

■ Proven thermal mass flow sensors and laminar flow elements provide extremely high accuracy

■ Easy integration into your new or existing systems

■ Cleaning for analysis

■ Corrosion resistant stainless steel, ABS full mold production probe structure is simple

■ Easy installation, easy maintenance, two-way detection, anti-vibration

■ It is specially designed for measuring the flow rate of low-speed air flow in the gas pipeline with diameter of 1mm-8mm

■ A variety of connections, easy to install and use

■ Direct mass flow detection without temperature and pressure compensation

■ Short response time

■ Excellent performance on the air machine electronic watch

■ It has the function of self-examination, self-diagnosis and alarm;

■ Variable mechanical connections can be easily installed in different application environments.



Application filed:

■ Gas control of laboratory and process equipment

■ Proportional control of ceramic and metal burners

■ Process and environment analyzer

■ Discharge monitor and calibrator

Technical parameters
Measuring range 0-1、0-5、10、20、30、50、100、200、300、500sccm
Applicable medium All gases compatible with stainless steel
Nominal pipe diameter DN1-8
Measuring range 0.25-10 m/s
Precision grade 1%FS、1.5%FS、(20、30SLM:±2%FS)
Repeatability error ±0.2%
Display Widescreen LCD display (optional)
Operating temperature -20-55℃ (standard), -40-200℃ (available for inquiry)
Working pressure 3.0MPa、10MPa
Shell material Stainless steel 
Body material Carbon steel, 316L, tantalum, Hastelloy, titanium
Signal output 4-20mA, 0-5V
Response time Electrical characteristics :≤10sec;Gas characteristics :≤4sec
Power supply 15V DC 50mA
Electrical connection Type D socket
Connection mode Internal and external threads, clamp sleeve
Protection class IP65(Optional IP68)
Ambient temperature 5 ~ 45 ° C
Relative humidity 5% ~ 95%
Seal Fluorine rubber, neoprene rubber, teflon
Weight About 1.2kg
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