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FTM-1600F anticorrosive
FTM-1600F anticorrosive
FTM-1600F anticorrosive
FTM-1600F anticorrosive
FTM-1600F anticorrosive
FTM-1600F anticorrosive
FTM-1600F anticorrosive
FTM-1600F anticorrosive

FTM-1600F Series

Anticorrosive Coriolis mass flowmeter
FTM-1600F series anticorrosive Coriolis flowmeter adopts new anticorrosive liner materials, proprietary flow data model algorithm, fuzzy theory to control temperature and humidity algorithm, with corrosion resistance, large range, long life, suitable for a certain strong and micro corrosion of fluid, gas medium, information output diversification, thread, flange and other connection methods, Ensure its high precision and high stability, to meet the needs of different working conditions.
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Performance Features
FTM-1600F series anticorrosive Coriolis flowmeter uses Coriolis force effect to directly measure the mass flow of the medium through the flowmeter, but also can measure the volume flow, density of the medium and indirectly measure the temperature of the medium. Applicable to food and beverage industry ingredients, filling, quantitative measurement, chemical industry ingredients to the reactor, aromatics cracking, oil and gas measurement, Marine fuel consumption measurement, pulp and paper additives, colorant addition and other fields.

Product characteristics:
■ The measurement is not affected by changes in fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity
■ Free flow parts in measuring pipe, no pressure loss, low requirements in straight pipe section. Unique adaptability to slurry measurement.
■ Strong anti-interference ability, reliable measurement, high accuracy, flow measurement range up to 150:1.
■ Ultra-low EMI switching power supply, suitable for a wide range of power supply voltage, good EMI resistance.
■ 16-bit embedded microprocessor, fast operation speed, high precision, low frequency rectangular wave sharpen magnetic, improve the stability of flow measurement, low power consumption.
■ SMD devices and surface mount (SMT) technology, high circuit reliability.

Application field:
■ FTM-1600F series anticorrosive Coriolis flowmeter is used to measure the mass flow, volume flow, density, temperature of mine energy, steel, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, electric power, industrial, water conservancy, public works -- electricity, gas, water treatment monitoring, power industry, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, pulp and paper industry and so on. Acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive toxic liquid can also be measured.

Technical parameters
Measuring range 3-65000kg/h, 0.11-2390lb/min,3-63500l/h
Applicable medium Acid, alkali, salt solutions, beverages, alcoholic drinks, high viscosity liquids, highly toxic and corrosive liquids, solid-liquid two-phase grout, non-Newtonian fluids
Nominal pipe diameter DN1.5-200
Measuring range 0.25-10 m/s
Seasonal stability 0.015% FS
Point drift 0.0015%FS.PER℃
Repeatability error ±0.15% of the measured value
Precision grade 0.1%FS, 0.15%FS, 0.25%FS, 0.5%FS
Density measurement range 0-4500kg/m³
Density measurement accuracy ±0.002kg/ltr
Accuracy of temperature measurement ±0.5%
Operating temperature -40-100℃ (standard), -100-150℃ (available for inquiry)
Working pressure 1.0-35 mpa
Shell material Stainless steel DIN1.4301, cast aluminum alloy
Pipe material Stainless steel DIN1.4404
Liquid contact material 304, 316L, Hastelloy alloy, titanium alloy, 316L village PTFE
Display Graphics, 132 by 32 points
Signal output 4~20mA, pulse medium/frequency (0.5-10000Hz), push-pull output, programmable
Communication output RS485, MODBUS protocol, HART output
Power supply 220VAC, tolerance 15% or 24VDC, ripple ≤5%
Electrical connection Clamp type terminal block
Connection mode Gb flange, internal and external threads, sanitary chuck, tri-clamp flange, Swagelok connection
Protection class IP65(Optional IP67)
Ambient temperature -35 ~ +70 ° C
Relative humidity 5% to 95%
Total power consumed Less than 15W
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