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FTM-lngmass Series
FTM-lngmass Series
FTM-lngmass Series
FTM-lngmass Series
FTM-lngmass Series
FTM-lngmass Series

FTM-LNG Mass Series

Coriolis Mass Flowmeter
LNGMASS is a Gaspard-Gustave de Coriolis mass flowmeter developed for liquefied natural gas (LNG) refueling machines. It can ensure high accuracy and stability even at a process temperature of -196° C (-321 ° C) . Due to the extremely compact design structure, the device can be installed anywhere, even in a small space. LNGMASS has no moving parts, no maintenance required.
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Performance Features
The FTM-LNGmass series mass flowmeter uses Coriolis effect effect to directly measure the mass flow of the medium passing through the flowmeter, and on this basis, it is specially designed and developed for the LNG filling machine, it can be used to measure the mass flow rate, volume flow rate, density and so on. It is suitable for injection, transfer, storage control and so on.
Reliable measurements can also be made in extreme environments
Integrated process measurement equipment-(flow, density, temperature) multivariable measurement
Save space required for installation-no straight pipe length requirements before and after installation
Design of compact structure: small space to achieve all the functions.
Quick debugging: pre-configuring equipment.
Automatic recovery of data for ease of service
Scents the principle of Gaspard-Gustave de Coriolis mass flow measurement is not affected by the physical properties of the fluid itself, such as viscosity and density.
Precise metering of cryogenic liquefied natural gas in liquefied natural gas (LNG) dispensers.
The flow rate can reach 18000 kg/h (660 lb/min)
The medium temperature may be as low as -196 ° C (-321 ° F)
Nominal diameter: DN 8 to 25(3/8 to 1”)
A rugged and wear-resistant compact transmitter housing.
Modbus RS485
Design to meet application needs
Technical parameters
Measuring Range  3-35000kg/h、0.11-1390lb/min、3-33500l/h
Suitable medium Acids, alkalis, salt solutions, beverages, liquors, highly viscous liquids, highly toxic corrosive liquids, solid-liquid two-phase serums, non-Newtonian fluid,
nominal pipe diameter DN1.5-150
Measuring Range 0.25-10m/s
Zero stability 0.015% FS
Zero Drift 0.0015% FS.PER ° C
Repeatability error   ± 0.15% of the measured value
Accuracy Level   0.1% FS、0.15% FS、0.25% FS、0.5% FS、
Density Measurement Range 0-4500kg/m³
Density measurement accuracy ± 0.002 kg/ltr
Accuracy of temperature measurement ± 0.5% of ± 1 ° C readings
Operating Temperature -196 ~ -100 ° C (ultra-low temperature) , -100 ~ 0 ° C (low temperature)
Job Stress 1.0-35MPa
Shell material Stainless steel din 1.4301, cast aluminum alloy
Pipe material Stainless steel din 1.4404
Contact material 304,316L, Harrington alloy, titanium alloy, 316L village PTFE
Display   Graphics, 132 by 32 points
Signal output   4-20mA, pulse/frequency (0.5-10000Hz) , push-pull output, programmable
Communication output   RS485, Modbus protocol, Hart output
Power supply   220VAC, tolerance 15% or 24VDC, ripple ≤5%
Electrical Connection  Clamp type terminal row
Connection mode  GB flange, internal and external threads, sanitary chuck, tri-clamp flange, Swagelok connection
Protection level   IP65(optional IP67)
Ambient temperature   -35~+70℃
Relative humidity   5%~95%
Explosion-proof signs Explosion-proof ExdIICT6
Consumption of total power   Less than 15W
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