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Ftv-1600s Series
Ftv-1600s Series
Ftv-1600s Series
Ftv-1600s Series
Ftv-1600s Series
Ftv-1600s Series

FTV-1600S Series

Standard Vortex Flowmeter
FTV-1600S series standard vortex flowmeters are based on Carmen's vortex principle to measure the volume or mass flow of general gases, superheated vapors, saturated vapors, Compressed air or liquids with low pressure loss, the measurement range is large, the precision is high, when the working condition volume flow rate is measured hardly is affected by the fluid density, the pressure, the temperature, and so on parameter. No movable mechanical parts, so high reliability, low maintenance. The instrument parameters can be stable for a long time and can work in the working temperature range of -20 ° C ~ + 350 ° C. There are analog standard signals, but also digital pulse signal output, easy to use with the computer and other digital systems.
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Performance Features
The basic principle of FTV-1600S series standard vortex flowmeters is the Carmen vortex phenomenon. When a medium flows through a triangular cylinder-shaped vortex generator at a certain speed, two alternating rows of vortices are formed on either side, the vortex is called the Kármán Vortex Street. Strouhal built on the Carmen vortex theory by suggesting that the frequency of the Carmen vortex is proportional to the velocity of the fluid.
Corrosion-resistant stainless steel material, ABS full mold production probe, simple structure
The detection sensor does not directly contact the measured medium, the performance is stable, and the life is long.
The output is a pulse signal proportional to the flow, without zero drift and with high precision.
Low pressure loss, low operating cost, more energy-saving significance.
The volumetric and mass flow rates of steam, gas and liquid can be measured.
The amplifier can be separated from the sensor (separation distance 15m) .
The use of noise elimination circuit and anti-vibration sensor head, so that the instrument has a certain anti-environmental vibration performance.
The pressure loss is small, the range of measurement is wide, the range is 10-40 times.
The temperature of the measurable medium reaches + 350 ° C ;
No mechanical moving parts, long-term stability, simple structure for installation and maintenance.
The output of the sensor is a pulse frequency, its frequency is linear with the actual flow of the measured fluid, zero drift, performance is very stable.
The adoption of RS-485 communication, or Hart communication, can realize factory automation, integration.
FTV-1600S series standard vortex flowmeters are widely used to measure volume and mass flows of superheated steam, saturated steam, Compressed air and general gases and liquids.
Technical parameters
Measuring Range L: 0.5-7m/s、 G: 5-50m/s
Suitable medium Ordinary gases, saturated vapors, superheated vapors, Compressed air, ordinary liquids
Nominal pipe diameter DN15-300MM (flange, clamp)
DN250-1800MM (insert)
Accuracy Level  ± 0.5% FS、 ± 1.0% FS、 ± 1.5% FS
Repeatability error   ± 0.5% of the measured value
Range ratio 8:1    10:1    15:1
Display Widescreen LCD display, parameters and variables can be set through the panel keys (with password protection)
Instantaneous flow display, cumulative total display, percentage display, frequency display
M3/h、 kg/h、 t/h、 Hz
Operating Temperature -40-130 ° C (standard)
Damping adjustment 0-50
Job Stress 1.6 mpa, 2.5 mpa, 4.0 mpa, special can be customized
Shell material Stainless steel, cast aluminum alloy
Straight pipe section requirements Entry: 15 * DN
Export: 5 * DN
Signal output   4-20mA, Pulse, RS485, Modbus protocol, Hart output
Power Supply   Pulse output: 12V DC, 24V DC (optional)
Two-wire system 4-20mA: 24V DC (with Hart Communication)
Optional with 3.6 V lithium battery, service life of more than 2 years
Electrical connection  M20 * 1.5 terminal wiring
Connection mode  Standard flange, clamp, internal and external threads
Protection level   IP65(optional IP67)
Ambient temperature   - 30 degrees.-30 degrees. 60 degrees C...40 degrees C... 85 ° C (non-explosion-proof) , sensor-40 ° C... 80 ° C, converter-15 ° C... 60 degrees C
Relative humidity   5%~95%
Explosion-proof signs Explosion-proof ExdIICT5
Consume power <20W
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